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  • Kelley Blue Book - Interested to see what your car is worth, or what the car you are shopping for is valued at?  Here's the official website, check it out!


Following are a number of (mostly) automotive-related websites. We've needed and used all of them for miscellaneous purposes here and there, and maybe they can come in handy for you some day.  Some are just for fun so...ENJOY those!  Others should be treated very seriously.

  •  Arizona State Parks Driving Tour - From driving the famous Route 66, to Southern Arizona's Wild West, here you will find itineraries for all the wonderful places that our state has to offer.


  • Arizona Automobile Theft Authority - A car is stolen every 14 minutes and 17 seconds in Arizona.  Here are some great tips and programs to prevent you and your vehicle from becoming victims. 


  • Need to renew your vehicle's registration, or maybe get that vanity plate that you've always wanted?  Change your address with the State or put in a sold notice for your vehicle?  You can do all of that and more here at ServiceArizona!


  • Don't Trash Arizona - Littering the highways is unlawful, unhealthy, unsafe and it's just not cool!  Do your part in keeping America Beautiful by starting right here in your own backyard, Arizona!  Here you can report violators, play games, participate in contests, and see a schedule of fines involved for littering.  Thank you for taking pride in our state.


  • Phoenix Fire Department Child Safety Seat - The Phoenix Fire Department will install child safety seats in your vehicle, free of charge (you provide the seat) and teach you how to properly use them.  You must make a reservation for a car seat inspection or installation, call 602-495-KIDS.

              The number one killer of children in Arizona is motor vehicle crashes. One simple item that could help save countless children is a properly

               installed child safety seat.

              Did you know that 4 out of every 5 child car seats are installed incorrectly?!

              Did you know that one third of children are riding in the wrong restraints for their age and size?

              If you see an unbuckled child in a moving vehicle, call 1-800-505-BABY. Be prepared to provide:

                  1. the license number and state on the car
                  2. the city where the violation occurred
                  3. the location of the child (front seat, driver's lap, etc.)

              The vehicle owner will receive a letter saying that an unbuckled child was observed, and that the law 
              requires children under five to be properly secured. The letter is not a ticket, but serves as a chance to 
              inform the owner of the vehicle about keeping children safe in the car.


Automotive-Related Website Links

ADEQ Emissions
  • Fuel Economy/M.P.G. - Shopping around and want to know what kind of mileage your car should get?  Click here and find out what the Government estimates your car to get for fuel economy.


  • Carfax Vehicle History Reports - Every vehicle we sell has a report.  Not every dealer does this and very few private parties offer this report.  Check out a Carfax report before purchasing any vehicle from any 3rd party!  Here's how to get one if you don't purchase from us.


  • Valentine One Radar Locators - Simply put, they are the best. I've yet to get a ticket since I have purchased mine.  Out of four different radar detectors (all different brands) in my past, the Valentine is HANDS DOWN superior to anything else available.


  •  M.A.D.D.   Mothers Against Drunk Driving - Take the pledge and join the campaign to eliminate drunk driving. Every year, nearly 12,000 people are killed by drunk drivers with an illegal alcohol level of .08 BAC or above. That means that every month more than 1,000 families must live with the tragic consequences of drunk driving.
    Since MADD was founded in 1980, alcohol-related fatalities have declined by more than 40 percent, but progress has stalled in recent years. That is why MADD launched a major offensive in the war against drunk driving, the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving.
  •  Air Quality & Vehicle Emissions - To report a "smoking" vehicle, simply enter the license plate number of the vehicle right here.  We've got to pass emissions, the "other guy" should certainly have to as well!


             If you would like more information on the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality: Emissions Division

  • Arizona Automobile Association - If you own a vehicle, then AAA has something for you.  From emergency roadside assistance, to discounts on hotels, meals, airfares, domestic and Mexican auto insurance, auto care and repair shops.


  • Arizona Department of Transportation Traffic Conditions - real-time/live freeway video footage.  Arizona Department of Transportation at your fingertips.